What is residual income?

Published 10/18/2018

The text book answer is this:  Residual income is money that you continue to earn on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis after you sell a product or service. 


We hear this question a lot from our potential sales partners.  They often are looking for a new career and are not sure why working with Beacon Payments is the right choice for them.  Residual income IS the reason we are the company you want to partner with to sell merchant services. 


How does it pertain to what we do?  Every time you set a new client up with credit card processing through us you will earn money EVERY month that they run credit card transactions through our system.  You set up the account once and you start earning a monthly income on that account immediately.  This is how you can build your own business and start earning enough money so you don’t have to go to work every day.  This is what makes working with us different than that 9-5 job you were considering. 


Our top sales people earn six figure incomes – they had to hustle in the beginning to build their book of business – but once that residual is up and running they can relax a bit and set their own hours.


What are you waiting for?  Start earning your residual income today. 


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