We get this question from potential sales people every day: What is merchant services sales and how do I make money selling credit card processing?

When ever you use your credit card to pay a business for a product or service that business pays a fee to take the transaction. A portion of the fee goes to the issuing bank, a portion goes to Visa, MC, Discover, or American Express, and a portion goes to what is called the service organization or ISO. Beacon Payments is an ISO and our job is to facilitate the set up of merchant accounts so businesses can accept card transactions. We make a portion of the sale whenever a card is run through one of our clients terminals or payment systems.

So where do our sales people come in to the picture?

We grow our business through our network of independent sales people who are building their own book of business within our business. Whenever they set up a client to accept credit cards we share the profit with them. Their job is to go talk to clients - most of whom already accept credit cards, and help them negotiate a lower price. We will put together a proposal for the independent sales person and help them close the deal. Then they start earning residual income every month off of the transactions that are being run through the terminal.

The beauty of what our sales people do is that they are building their own company and they earn passive income off of every client that they have already signed up. They sell the client once and then earn an income for as long as that client is with us!

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