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How does surcharging work with tips?

Published 10/25/2019

We often get asked if it is possible to set up credit card surcharging in a restaurant. The answer is yes! Below you will find a breakdown of how the cardholder and the business owner get charged to run the transaction:

Square pricing changed to 2.6% plus $.10

Published 09/26/2019

As of September 24th,2019 Square announced that they are no longer going to be offering their customers a flat rate of 2.75%. Their new pricing is going to be 2.6% plus $.10 per transaction.

What Is A Successful ISO Agent?

Published 07/24/2019

If you are currently in the sales world, then you probably know better than anyone that the process goes much deeper than just closing a sale. The sales path to closing a new business varies based on industry, but it is rarely a straight and clear-cut path...

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