This is the Beacon Payments blog. Learn about the credit card processing and the merchant services industry. Hear about the successes of our outside sales people whose job it is to sell merchant services and sell credit card processing programs.

What Is A Successful ISO Agent?

Published 07/24/2019

If you are currently in the sales world, then you probably know better than anyone that the process goes much deeper than just closing a sale. The sales path to closing a new business varies based on industry, but it is rarely a straight and clear-cut path...

4 Tips To Help You Find Success As An ISO Agent

Published 07/22/2019

Outside sales is a fast-paced and cutthroat industry if you aren’t out and about actively searching for new leads chances are good that someone is already one step ahead of you...While it may take some time to develop a strategy that suits your skills best, this blog will highlight some important tips to help you attain the level of success that you are striving to achieve in the ISO Merchant Services Sale industry.

Why Should I Become an ISO agent?

Published 06/28/2019

If you are reading this blog you might be curious to learn more about the merchant service industry, ISO Agents, and the many benefits that an outside sales position can offer! The day to day of an ISO agent is rarely the same, as the job involves frequently traveling as you pitch new businesses on a better POS system and better merchant service plans.

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