Success Story: From $0 to over $100k per year in 18 months

Published 02/07/2018

This is the story of how one of our independent sales people found success with us:

Before I started my sales job with Beacon Payments, I started as an Entry-level outside sales representative for a national B2B sales company. Within 12 months, I advanced into a manager position, in the process I took the office from 5 to over 50+ local representatives. Within the next 8 months I helped the office become the top performing sales office (out of 30 nationwide) in the country, representing multiple clients in various industries.

Despite setting performance records and earning trips all over the world, I recognized that I hit my “ceiling.” I was spending all of my time building a business for someone else.  The owners of the company were getting rich off of my hard work.  I wanted to build something for myself for once – I knew it was time to look for a new sales opportunity.

Being in commission-only sales my entire career embedded in me an entrepreneurial spirit. I knew the value of a full day’s work, the more time I put in the more money and success I would gain. I did not care for the 9-5 mentality the majority of my co-workers shared. They chose to be content with doing the least amount of work possible to squeak by and not get yelled at. The opportunity to sell merchant services with Beacon Payments allowed me the freedom to make my own decisions, set my own schedule, and gave me the uncapped income potential I was looking for.

The merchant services industry was ideal for my sales style. I never liked “pushy” sales. I believe that sales should be a conversation more than a pitch. I learned that selling credit card processing with Beacon Payments requires a very customer service-oriented mentality. Credit card processing sales people are not out there pushing product, they are saving small and medium-sized business owners money on a service they already use. Beacon Payment’s free merchant processing cost comparisons allowed me to shrug my shoulders and say “Hey, the worst thing that could happen is that you find out you already have a great deal!” This indifference created a low-pressure sales environment that allowed me to build a relationship with the merchant. This only made it easier for me to create a great book of business. I knew by taking care of my clients they would take care of me through referrals.

What really solidified the opportunity for me was my first residual check. For the first (20) deals I signed I had already built a residual of $1,000! I did some simple math… if I averaged 10-20 deals every month I could be making $6,000-12,000/month in residual within a year! Recognizing the potential and I decided this was how I would create my future wealth.

After a year and a half in the field I had grown my business to the point where I could just earn my residual and make over $100,000 a year!  Looking for a new challenge, I decided to get back into a management role and help others as I was helped. Today, I pay it forward by training and developing new reps from all around country, helping them grow their own residual income and opportunity with Beacon Payments.

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