How to make sure all of your clients get set up

Published 03/26/2019

When you sell credit card processing signing up the the client for a  merchant account is only half of the job.  The salesperson's job is not really complete until that client is actually set up and processing credit cards with us as well.  

We all get excited when we are closing a deal and finally sell that prospect on our credit card processing services – but sometimes we forget that the client does not benefit from our merchant services account and that you  - the sales person- does not make any residual income unless the credit card terminal or point of sale system actually gets installed.  So how do we make sure this happens?  By setting expectations on when the install will happen.

Simply put:  you need to set up an appointment with the client to complete the install when you are signing the contract to set up their new merchant account.  Once they sign the paperwork you just need to set a date to come back in.  Unless they are in a huge rush try to make it no more than a week later.  This gives you time to receive any equipment you ordered for them and to test it out before you go plug it in.  You should be doing this for any new account with a mobile swiper, terminal, or online account.  Even if they just need to set up a user name and password to access a portal to process credit cards – you should be there to assist them.,  This will be the best way to make sure set up gets completed AND it will strengthen your relationship with the client.  The only time you may not be able to do this is with a Point of Sale set up.  Your best course of action is to start working with the POS vendor right away to make sure they assist with the switch.   Keep after the POS vendor  - if they don’t return your calls  - keep calling them until they do.

If you follow this simple rule to always get a set up appointment in place then you will get significantly more of your clients running credit cards with you – this will lead to faster residual growth – and more success in merchant service sales! 

If you do not sell merchant services now but would like to learn more about it -  just follow the link to these 10 reasons why you should work with Beacon Payments!

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