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Starting April 2018 signatures will no longer be required

Published 03/13/2018

For as long as credit cards have existed merchants have been conditioned to require cardholders to sign each sales slip.  In reality, this process slows down the transaction and adds very little security because most merchants do not take the time to verify the signature on the receipt matches the signature on the back of the card.

Recently MasterCard announced they will remove the requirement to obtain a signature on most transactions beginning in April of 2018.  Almost immediately American Express, Discover and Visa followed suit on a similar timeline


Success Story: From $0 to over $100k per year in 18 months

Published 02/07/2018

Being in commission-only sales my entire career embedded in me an entrepreneurial spirit. I knew the value of a full day’s work, the more time I put in the more money and success I would gain. I did not care for the 9-5 mentality the majority of my co-workers shared. They chose to be content with doing the least amount of work possible to squeak by and not get yelled at. The opportunity to sell merchant services with Beacon Paymetns allowed me the freedom to make my own decisions, set my own schedule, and gave me the uncapped income potential I was looking for.

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