Why Should I Become an ISO agent?

Published 06/28/2019

If you are reading this blog you might be curious to learn more about the merchant service industry, ISO Agents, and the many benefits that an outside sales position can offer! The day to day of an ISO agent is rarely the same, as the job involves frequently traveling as you pitch new businesses on a better POS system and better merchant service plans. Working as an outside sales rep provides benefits that can greatly affect your life regarding work/life balance, financial freedom, and networking with industry experts.

Be your own boss

As an outside ISO representative, there is no set 9-5. You pick the hours that you work best, whether you want to be up at the crack of dawn selling, or start the sales day in the afternoon, outside sales offers that flexibility. This structure allows you to pick & choose which days you want to work without feeling the pressure that you are falling behind.

In the ISO Agent world, you will be responsible for setting your own schedule when it comes to contacting clients and prospects directly to get meetings on the calendar. The only thing that defines your success is the standard you set for yourself. Determine when you work and when you don't it is as simple as that. Ditch the hourly rates and create a schedule that works for you.

Travel & Variety

Do you enjoy traveling to new locations? If so, outside sales may be the perfect job for you. As an outside sales representative, you have no physical office location. When dealing with clients, most of your meetings will take place in a public location or at the business itself.

This means that the job entails a lot of travel, this can include traveling to surrounding cities and towns if you are having tough luck in a certain area. Outside sales is a job that requires a fair amount of patience, so if you don’t mind cruising around new areas looking for new potential business opportunities, outside sales may be looking good for you!

Office Support

Sales were never meant to be a one-man show, that is why you have the support of an entire office behind you! Your #1 job as an ISO Agent is to get out there and close new businesses for your account. To reduce the downtime between sales, our office is here to assist in building proposals and rate comparison checks for a potential client. By simplifying the contract process, you are free to get out and visit more business while the office handles the heavy lifting.

Income & Residual

With an uncapped stream of revenue, many are drawn to the outside sales world to find success in a rapidly growing industry. Residual income in the ISO world can serve as a potential gold mine if you know how to sell. This is one of the many benefits that draw in sales individuals from all walks of life to join outside sales. This means that every time you sell equipment or sign on a new client for merchant services, you will receive repeated compensation for your hard work.

Residual income allows you to double down on financial freedom as all past and future sales will trickle into your account. This is beneficial to ISO agents working in high volume industries, or for businesses with expensive products or services. As your book of business grows, these small figures can add up to really make a difference in your financials & overall lifestyle.

Why Sell Merchant Services?

By providing merchant services to a client you are giving your customers access to the lowest prices, without sacrificing great service. These low costs allow businesses of all sizes a chance to lower their monthly overhead, increase employee benefits, and grow their business with infinite possibilities.

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