The Hypercom 4500x is a rebranded Hypercom t4220 credit card terminal with a sticker on the paper cover.

Recently it has come to our attention that there have been a large number of "Hypercom 4500x" credit card terminals being leased to clients throughout the country. (This terminal has also been called the Hypercom MP 4500x, or the Merchant Pro 4500x) This has led to us getting a lot of questions from our sales representatives and clients who are wondering exactly what this terminal is.

The companies trying to place this equipment (They are charging anywhere from $49 - $129 per month on a 48 month LEASE!) are telling their clients that this is by far the best credit card terminal on the market. They are touting its ability to run smart cards, credt, debit, checks, etc. This pitch seems to be working pretty well for them as we are seeing more and more of these terminals getting into clients hands.

In Fact this terminal is really just a re-branded Hypercom T4220 which can be purchased for only $99. (Flip the terminal over and you will see the actual terminal name on the bottom) It looks like these companies have just put a sticker on the paper cover that says Hypercom 4500x so they can have a "unique" terminal to lease to unsuspecting clients.

Long story short: do not fall for this scam. Never lease a credit card terminal. Always do your research before you sign on the dotted line.