We will pay you up to $500 to cancel with your old processor!

Published 08/18/2017

Our clients often ask this question: "How do I cancel my credit card processing contract without a penalty?"  Its pretty easy to do and the best part is that we will cover up to $500 of their old processors cancellation fee!   The following lays out how we help our clients switch over to Beacon Payments at no cost:

1.  The client must run at least $10,000 in credit card volume in their first full month with us.  For example:  If they sign on in July then their first full month is August.  We need to make sure they get up and running as soon as possible to make sure they cover their volume requirement in August - so getting their terminal installed right away is very important.

2.  Once the client qualifies by running enough processing volume they need to provide us with a bank statement showing that their old processor has charged them a termination fee.  We don't need the whole statement - just the page showing that the cancellation fee has been taken out. 

3.  We will send a direct deposit to the client to reimburse the fee.

Its that easy!  Please reach out to us with any questions or if you need help getting out of your old contract today!

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