The top 5 reasons your business should be offering gift cards

Published 11/07/2017
According to a recent National Retail Federation study, over 80 percent of shoppers would purchase at least one gift card during the holiday season, and they would spend an average of $156 on gift cards. Gift card purchasing continues to increase which is great news considering other challenges facing the retail and food services industries.
Here are Top 5 Reasons For a Business To Sell Gift Cards

1.  Drive sales. Consumers spend nearly 50% more at businesses that sell gift cards.


2.  Boost profits. 90% of consumers using a gift card spend above the value of the card.


3.  Improve cash flow. When a customer purchases a gift card, you receive payment in advance of rendering products or services.


4. Keep cash in your business. Issuing a gift card instead of cash back for returns or refunds ensures the customer will spend the money at your business.


5. Increase traffic. For every one gift card sold, at least two customers visit your business (the purchaser and the recipient who may also bring a friend).


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