4 Ways to Find Success in Merchant Service Sales

Published 04/16/2019

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4 Ways to Find Success in Merchant Service Sales

To be successful in the merchant service industry, it takes time, dedication, perseverance, and a strong desire to succeed. Whether you are brand new to sales, or an experienced sales rep looking to improve your sales method and tactics, here are some tips that are essential to great selling in merchant service sales.

1.) Evaluate leads

In the world of sales, the quality of a lead is one of the most important aspects to understand before even walking through the front door of a potential client. If you have had trouble with a specific industry in the past it is not a bad thing to pass on a lead if you know the close rate for that industry is relatively low. With that said if you know a sale will be tough, it is important to take your time with a client ask the right questions and try to nurture your client to an eventual sale.

2.) Sell Opportunity

When reaching out to a new prospective client, chances are high that 1) the client is already using a similar product/service & 2) you are not the first representative to reach out to them. It is important to differentiate yourself not only as someone who wants to provide the client with a “better” service but with a service that will benefit the company immediately. By highlighting specific pain points that relate to a client it allows you to address tangible benefits for a company. In turn, this can make the process easier for the business owner or decision maker when they can rationalize the benefits that your company has to offer. By providing valid reasons for a change, such as outstanding customer support, reduced overhead, or even streamlined services for employees, you are giving the business owner much more than just a product or service, but an opportunity to drastically improve their business.                                                        

3.) A strong Desire to Succeed

Working in the Merchant Service industry provides a large degree of autonomy, and while that level of freedom may cater to a specific personality over others, that freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. When it is on you to determine what your yearly income is, you need to have the mentality that revolves around always being better than yesterday. When the difference between a 5 and 6 figure salary depends on your sales skills, a strong desire to succeed in the Merchant Sales industry is a must.

4.) Be A Go-Getter

Along with having a strong desire to succeed, working in the Merchant sales world requires a certain type of mentality. The type of person that does well in this field is someone who can accept failure and keep moving forward, one good or bad day does not define your sales career, how you let it affect you does. When it falls on you to Sales don’t materialize out of thin air, it's important to hit the ground running and keep going until you've hit your mark.

Why Sell Merchant Services?

By providing merchant services to a client you are giving your customers access to the lowest prices, without sacrificing great service. These low costs allow businesses of all sizes a chance to lower their monthly overhead, increase employee benefits, and grow their business with infinite possibilities.

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