Retiree Increases Income by Selling Merchant Services

Published 11/04/2011

Recently we have seen an influx of retired salespeople contacting us looking to re-enter the workforce.  We are more than happy to speak to them as their years of experience can translate well into being a successful outside sales person.  Selling merchant card services is a sales job that does not require experience - but if someone comes to us with a lot of it we are not going to give them a chance to succeed.

A year ago we hired a gentleman in the midwest who had retired 10 years ago and was living on social security.  His checks were just enough to pay his bills - but he wanted something more.  After almost a year of searching for a sales job he had no luck.  He contacted us knowing that while we could not guarantee him a salary - we could give him an opportunity to increase his income substantially on his own timeframe.

After explaining that selling merchant services is one of the last ways to build a residual income in this country he decided to give us a shot.  His first month selling was tough.  it had been a while since he had done any outside sales and he had to re-aquaint himself with dealing with rejection.  He kept at it though, knowing that every no was one step closer to a yes and he was just spending his days filling up his pipeline.

six months later he had brought on over 75 clients and was earning a monthly residual of over $2,000.  While it doesn't sound like much he was almost doubling his social security payment and if he decided he did not want to go out and sell any more he would continue to earn this residual as long as his clients continue to process credit cards with us!

Fortunately he was not happy with only $2,000 a month in residual income.  He kept at it and a year later he has brought in over 175 clients!  His residual is now over $5000 a month!  If he decides to lay back and take a few months off he will continue to earn $60,000 a year!

Like i said - selling merchant card services is one of the last ways to earn a great residual income!  If you would like to learn more please click here or give us a call!

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