New Wireless and Bluetooth Credit Card Terminal Options

Published 01/05/2018


We have a couple of amazing new processing options out there for those who don’t have access to a strong wifi signal or don’t want to pay the $15 monthly cell signal fee for Apriva’s AT&T registration! 


This Ingenico terminal sits and charges in a cradle while not in use and can be carried around from customer to customer and table to table if need be! The base will need to be connected to an Ethernet cord, but the terminal itself communicates to the base through a strong Bluetooth signal that is very powerful over a wide radius! Great for restaurants, merchants not wanting to run an Ethernet cord all the way to the front of a store, front sidewalk sales, and lots of other uses!


You may have seen this FD410DW in action previously but you probably noticed the $15/month Apriva fee for AT&T cell service. Not only was AT&T a spotty signal in a lot of cities and rural towns, but that signal led to more than a few inconsistencies in batches when the bank couldn’t find the terminal to send the authorization code to right away. Nashville as a platform has been leaning away from Apriva and now registering with JASPER and DATAWIRE cell towers. These new signals are very powerful in both cities and rural areas around the country and are definitely worth a try if you’ve had merchant’s troubled over an extra $15/month.

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