Know your enemy - then outsell them

Published 11/16/2018

When you are out in the field to sell credit card processing you most likely are running in to the same 2 or 3 merchant services companies at almost every business you walk in to.  This typically happens for 2 reasons  1:  A sales rep worked the territory for a long time and either quit or is still going strong in the area.  2.  There is a local bank who contracted out processing to a national credit card processor.    


So you keep seeing the same companies processing credit cards for your potential clients.  What do you do to combat this?  How do you convince all of these people to start working with you?  Sun Tzu in the art of war said:  ( paraphrasing here…)   Know thy self, know thy enemy.  Essentially you need to know all about who you are selling against if you are going to succeed in flipping over their clients. 


How do you do this?  Start off with the easy stuff.  Look them up on the BBB and rip-off reports.  Find out about complaints against them.  Have they caused issues for their clients?  Do they overcharge their clients?  If you can get your hands on even one of the statements from a client near you then you can get an idea of what they are charging people and where they are overcharging people.  If you are going up against a local sales person start with the obvious question:  Are they still working?  When is the last time your local sales person even walked in the door? 


You know that we are the top rated processing company in the merchant services  industry.  You can show potential clients our A+  rating with the BBB, our rating with top credit card processors, and our rating on  How do our competitors stack up?  Use the information available to you to build a case against working with them and why clients should sign on with us.  Then go close those deals!

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