Increase sales when cold calling by asking for the owner by name

Published 10/10/2018

We all know that cold calling is the hardest yet potentially most rewarding way to succeed in our industry.  It can be frustrating trying to get in touch with the decision maker - but - it does not have to be.  There are resources available to you that will allow you to make your approach much more successful.

When you walk in to a cold door and ask to speak to the owner typically you are going to be told that he/she is not there or that they are not interested.  This is what gatekeepers are trained to do: keep you out.  The best way to get around this is to ask for the owner by name.  When you do you are showing familiarity with the owner and you have a much better chance of actually speaking to them.  So all you need to do is find the owners name before you cold call the business.  Below you will find the 3 best places to locate this information:

1.  Your state's Corporation Database.  Google your state and the words "corporate database" This is a goldmine of information - and it is usually free.  All you need to do is search for the business name and you will find the names of the owners, phone numbers, and more. 

2.  Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp are great places to look if you are trying to find out who is in charge.  Most of the time you will find the owner replying to posts on their company pages - especially when they have a bad review they will be the person replying trying to rectify the situation. 

3.  The companies website.  Typically they would have an about us or contact us page.  It is pretty easy to find what you are looking for right there!

Use these resources to get your foot in the door.  If you know you are going to be in a certain area study it the night before.  Find out what businesses are there and then find out who owns the place.  Walking in and asking for them by name is going to make your job much easier and will help you easily double your sales!

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