Increase employee wages with a Poynt smart terminal

Published 02/22/2019


We just installed Poynt smart terminals in a regional ice cream chain that had a 2019 goal of increasing their employee’s pay.  The problem they were running in to is that if they don’t sell more ice cream then they cannot afford to pay higher wages. We offered them a solution with our Poynt smart terminal and tip prompt.

Before install they had only accepted cash tips and averaged $300/month per store.  When we installed the Poynt terminals we added tip prompts of $1.00 $3.00 & $5.00 on every sale. The business owner saw immediate results from this prompt. Tips in the first month were up almost 1000% over the previous month averaging $2700-$3,000 per store.

The business owner is elated that they were able to grow employee wages ( and morale) with the only cost to them being the cost of installing the smart terminals.  They have also noticed reduced lines at checkout due to the increased speed of the transactions.  This is a win -win if we have ever seen one!

This set up could work in any quick serve restaurant situation where it may be difficult to find a way to increase employee wages so be sure to let your potential clients know about how Poynt could help them solve this problem!

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