Sell merchant services as an outside sales job and succeed. It takes more than just getting hired to make it in the credit card processing industry than just getting hired.

So you want to try out a new sales job and sell credit card processing? We have hundreds of people apply to become an outside sales agent with us every week. Not all of them go on to be successful sales reps though. What sets those who succeed apart from those who fail? (Besides of course the drive needed to make it any sales position!)

Its quite simple really. You need to step out of your front door every day and make contacts with potential merchants and lead sources. Our top sales agents are out working as a full time sales job 6 to 8 hours a day. You can certainly put some extra money in your pocket if you decide to sell merchant services part time – but to truly make it in this sales job you need to be disciplined and go out and work full time. If you do you WILL eventually make a six figure residual income. It takes some of our sales agents a year- and it takes others 3-5 years – BUT – they all have the opportunity to do it.

So who are the contacts you need to reach out to? Start off easy – go to the places where you have lunch, buy your gas, your clothing, your groceries, your veterinarian, or your dentist. These are all potential clients. Let them know you are just breaking into the industry and you would like to try to help them run cards more efficiently. You will be surprised at how receptive they are. In between your visits to these warm leads stop in to their neighbors and say hello. Talk to the people that these business owners go to for advice: their accountant, book keeper, lawyer, and insurance agent. All of these people can be valuable resources for you to get more leads.

What it comes down to is that you need to make 10-20 new contacts a day. That is all it takes to become a successful outside sales agent. These contacts will lead to 5-15 deals a month This WILL lead to a six figure residual.

Your job is to go out and make the contacts. Once you get these people interested our experienced sales managers will help you close your deals and be on your way to success! To find out more about how we can help you get started in your new career apply now