Only certain credit card terminals can process both credit cards and a gift card program. These are the ones we suggest using to accept credit cards and run a gift or loyalty program.

Most gift card and loyalty card programs require a credit card terminal to process transactions. In order to reduce clutter on the countertop we recommend using the sale terminal to process these transactions and your merchant card service sales. Before you go out and buy a terminal you need to make sure that it has the ability to carry both programs at the same time. If your terminal does not have enough memory you may not be able to complete the download needed to run gift card sales. The following credit card terminals are the ones typically used for multiple merchant files:

1. The Verifone Omni VX510 /Omni 3730 This is our go to terminal for both credit card processing and gift card transactions. The vx510 is light, takes up little counter space, has the ability to run over IP, and has more than enough memory to run both accounts at the same time. Be sure NOT to attempt to use the VX510le or the Omni 3730le - the le is the "lite" version of this terminal. It does not have sufficient memory to carry both programs.

2. The Verifone Omni 3750 / VX570 These are essentially larger versions of the vx510. They have more memory and also have the capability to run transactions through an IP connection. Both are great terminals but sicen they are larger than the VX series they are not our first choice for clients. If purchasing an Omni 3750 be sure to watch out for a terminal with only 3megs of memory! (They usually have a black paper cover instead of blue) On this series of terminals you will need at least 4 megs of memory to run both programs. If you are not sure if enough memory is available on your credit card terminal ask your ISO to help you out.

3. The Hypercom T7plus Although it may look like an older terminal T7plus terminals are very capable of handling both a gift card and credit card processing program. We prefer not to work with them due to the fact that they do look outdated and there is a steeper learning curve when it comes to training clients to use them. Make sure that you have at least 512k of memory to run multiple programs.

Whichever credit card machine you decide to use to run your gift card program we can help you with the set up, design, and implementation of your program. contact us or your local representative for more information.