Adding EBT to our merchant accounts can save clients Thousands!

Published 09/26/2018

Did you know that many merchants are overpaying for their EBT transactions?  We can save them thousands of dollars a year just by adding their accounts on to our processing account files!


EBT ( electronic Benefit Transfer cards) includes food stamps, WIC, cash benefits, etc…that are issued on a plastic card that looks just like a credit card.  In order to accept these transactions a business owner must register with their state and get assigned a 7 digit EBT number.  Once they register they have a few ways they can accept these transactions:


  1. Pay a $75 a month flat fee including a separate terminal to run the transactions. 
  2. Provide us with their EBT number and we add it on to their account on file with us.  All they pay is a per transaction fee of $.10  ( For clients running over 750 EBT transactions per month we can negotiate even lower to still get them savings!)


You can clearly see that accepting EBT transactions through our account can be significantly cheaper.  A small convenience store running 200 EBT transactions per month will save $55 a month on their EBT sales alone – before we even negotiate their merchant account fees!   In addition you eliminate a second terminal from their counter.   Use this as a new approach for any  store that may still be accepting EBT on a separate terminal! 


To learn more about EBT and what businesses can accept these transactions in your state follow this link

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