5 Reasons To Sell Credit Card Processing With Beacon Payments

Published 06/20/2012

1.  Unlimited income potential. When you become a merchant services sales rep with us there is no cap to the amount of money you can make.  We  offer you one of the most aggressive commission schedules available to outside sales people today.  You can earn weekly, monthly, and quarterly bonuses - as well as one of the highest commission splits around!  Our top agents make well into six figures - and some rookies have even broken the $100k mark in their first year!

2.  The ability to build your own business.  We offer you lifetime residuals, so as long as your clients process credit cards with us you will continue to get paid your share of the profit.  This means that you can work hard building your client base and residuals -then take time off to enjoy the income stream that you have generated for ever!   We have some reps who have not written a deal in 5 years - yet they continue to make money every single month!

3.  Be your own boss. Who wants to work 8-6?  Or even 9-5?  When you sell credit card processing for Beacon Payments you will be setting your own hours.  We are here to help you succeed - how much time and effort you put into this position is entirely up to you.  We will never make you go out and work any set hours.  Some reps like to work a full day, others work only a few hours a day and are quite successful!

4.  Offer a unique solution. We understand that selling merchant services can be very competitive.  That is why we offer our clients a rate system, interchange plus pricing, that is going to benefit almost every business owner in the country.  There are only a few companies in the country who offer this unique pricing structure to small and medium size businesses.  You know that when you walk in the door of a potential client you will be able to help them save money on their monthly processing fees without even completing a full cost analysis.

5.  Unparalleled support. Most merchant account companies leave their new reps out on the street with nobody to help them get up and running.  We offer all of our reps complete  one on one training with a designated manager as well as full sales support.  We will not only teach you how to analyze client statements - our managers will put together complete proposals for you to present to your potential clients within 24 hours of you making a request.  As a rep you need to be able to present a client with a proposal in a timely manner - we assure that this will always happen.

We have the most lucrative merchant service sales positions available in the country.  Selling credit card processing is one of the best sales opportunities in the country with which to achieve financial success.  Start Today!

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