3 Ways to Increase Your Merchant Service Sales

Published 08/21/2019

Like any professional in the outside sales world, it takes time to finetune and develop a routine that will benefit the varying schedule of an ISO Agent. While it may take time to find a strategy that works, it can be very beneficial to create structure around your week. This added structure can give you more time to grow a lead list, contact new businesses, and explore other methods to increase your book of business in an organized and effective manner!

Create A Schedule & Stick To It

As an ISO Agent, it can be difficult to find a schedule that works on a day to day basis, as no day is truly the same. Instead of a daily schedule, it may be beneficial to opt for a weekly plan. This can give you ample time to plan out which day you want to set up meetings, which day to make calls and visit businesses, and which day to organize and plan for the next week. By breaking down each day and creating some sort of structure, can allow you to stay organized and on track, with an additional layer of flexibility for the unexpected.

Ask for Client Referrals

If you are an ISO Agent that has noticed a slowing trend in new business, it never hurts to reach back out to your prior clients to ask for referrals. Most business owners will belong to a chamber of commerce or some form of group that links local businesses owners together, so the chances of them knowing someone in need of your services is more than likely. If you have a healthy relationship with your clients, it can be very beneficial to grow your client list through word of mouth, and keep those residuals flowing in!

Utilize Social Media To Build New Leads

Social media has become a pivotal tool for business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, sales agents to grow their audience and their client base by posting on social media platforms. This method can benefit ISO Agents greatly as social media platforms serve as an excellent opportunity to reach out to old and new connections to help grow their business. As an ISO agent, utilizing social media to highlight your services, reaching out to old friends and potential clients is a great way to increase your network and grow your leads in a digital space.

This is especially useful for anyone in the merchant services industry as it allows you to connect with new businesses, expand your existing network to create new relationships via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

Why Sell Merchant Services?

By providing merchant services to a client you are giving your customers access to the lowest prices, without sacrificing great service. These low costs allow businesses of all sizes a chance to lower their monthly overhead, increase employee benefits, and grow their business with infinite possibilities.

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