1. What is cash discounting? Cash discounting allows the business owner to charge all clients using all card types a fee for using their credit card. ( Typically 4%) The business needs to make it abundantly clear that all of the prices in the store are discounted cash prices and that non cash transactions carry an additional 4% fee. This needs to be posted on their door and should be posted at the point of purchase as well.

  1. What is surcharging? Surcharging is only allowed in certain states and only allows credit cards to be charged, not debit cards. When the customer swipes their credit card a fee is then added to that transaction. (Again – typically 4%)

  1. Can this be done with a tip line? On the Dejavoo Z8 you can add the 4% to the total amount before the tip is added.

  1. Can you bypass the 4% fee? The card holder has the option to decline the charge on their card. It is typically in the best interests of the business owner to not argue with them if they refuse to pay the fee. They risk losing the entire sale if they do.

  1. Is there a wireless terminal option? Yes - the Dejavoo Z9 can run over a 3G network.

  1. Do you have the option to charge ONLY credit and NOT debit cards? If the client prefers to surcharge rather than do cash discounting then this can be requested on the terminal. ONLY credit cards will be charged the 4% fee. We recommend writing the debit cards sat a lower rate since the business owner will not be recouping these costs.

  1. Does the batch report show the 4% charges? Yes – at the end of the day the report will show total sales and on a separate line item it will show the total collected in fees.

  1. Does the 4% get taken out daily? Yes – every day the business owner will receive a deposit for their daily sales less the 4% that they have charged cardholders.

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