Custom Loyalty Card Program

Build a loyal customer base by utilizing a fully customized loyalty card program.

The value in a properly managed loyalty program is creating repeat customers who come back time and time again.  Loyalty programs will earn more business from those transient customers that may do business with you one time and with your competitor another.  The loyalty program works as follows: Every time a customer spends a dollar on their loyalty card, they will earn one point.  Once the customer reaches their reward level, the card will automatically turn into a gift card good towards the customer’s next visit (both the point level and amount of reward are determined by the business). 

Upon issuance of the loyalty card, businesses can collect the customer’s name, address, phone number, birthday, email address, and any other contact information or important date that they want.  Loyalty email campaigns are extremely effective in recruiting loyal customers to visit more often.  An email can be sent out to all loyalty members to promote a double points night for slow days of the week.  The list of loyalty members can be sorted to extend special offers to the customers who visit most often.  Sometimes more importantly,  are the customers who are visiting less often.  Birthday and anniversary emails can be generated to send gifts or coupons for that special evening.

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