Custom Gift Card Program

Retailers in America sold more than $100 Billion in gift cards this past year.  Over the past five years, gift cards consistently rank as the number one gift given and received.  A good gift card program is a great way to generate additional revenue. Beacon Payments' gift card program offers a number of benefits to businesses:

1.)    Custom gift card design.  Send us a logo, or digital image, and our in house design staff will send you a few designs for you to choose from!

2.)    Closed loop gift card programs keep those dollars in your store.  Once a gift card is purchased, it cannot be used anywhere else.

3.)    Customers almost always spend more than the face value of the gift card, they have to visit more than one time to use the full value, or they never spend the entire amount.

4.)    People lose them or forget about them, and you get to keep that money!

5.)    Reporting, and easier book keeping. 

        a.       We can show you reporting that will tell you when a card was purchased at your first location, but redeemed at your second location

        b.       You’ll know exactly what your total outstanding gift card liability is at all times

        c.       Our monthly statements show your total transaction volume, amount sold each month, and amount redeemed each month

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