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New Rule allows merchants to surcharge credit card users

Published 01/28/2013

As of yesterday business owners in most states will be allowed to pass the cost of credit card processing on to Visa and Mastercard users through surcharges of up to 4%. This raises a big question: will merchants actually charge this fee? Customers may be put off when they realize that they are paying more to use their card and may prefer to shop somewhere else. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming months and if the fact that this is now allowed will actually change they way the merchant services industry and retailers run credit card transactions.

Two Major Results of the Visa/Mastercard Lawsuit Settlement

Published 08/10/2012

In July Visa and Mastercard announced that they had reached an agreemnt to settle a longstanding multi-billion dollar lawsuit with U.S. Retailers. If both parties agree to this settlement the following will be the highlights of what you can expect to see changing in the payments processing industry:

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