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How does surcharging work with tips?

Published 10/25/2019

We often get asked if it is possible to set up credit card surcharging in a restaurant. The answer is yes! Below you will find a breakdown of how the cardholder and the business owner get charged to run the transaction:

How to properly surcharge

Published 04/20/2018

When a business owner wants to charge their customer a 4% surcharge then they need to pay a 3.84% fee to their processing company to guarantee the charge is being properly offset. 

Look at the following examples:

The merchant runs the card for a $100 sale.  The cardholder is then charged a total of $104.

If we then take 4% out of the $104 transaction the business owner will pay $4.16 in fees - an effective rate of 4.16%

$104 * 4% = $4.16

$104 - $4.16 = $99.84 deposit

If we instead take 3.84% of the transaction out then the business owner pays $4.00 in fees on the $104 sale. 

$104 * 3.84% = $4

$104 - $4 = $100 deposit. 

This ends up being a 4% charge on the original $100 sale.  The business owner is charging 4% to the client and exactly 4% is being paid to offset by the 3.84% processing charge. 

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