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This is the Beacon Payments blog. Learn about the credit card processing and the merchant services industry. Hear about the successes of our outside sales people whose job it is to sell merchant services and sell credit card processing programs.

Overcoming the 5 Most Common Sales Objections

Published 03/01/2019

Whether you are a sales rookie, veteran, or wizard there are a few prospect objections you should always be prepared to navigate. Knowing how to identify these objections, understand the motivation for the objection, and ultimately counter the objection is key to getting new business

How to succeed in sales: Build Relationships

Published 08/17/2018

New sales people often come to us asking how some of our top producers have done so well. We end up talking about how to work your territory, asking questions, joining networking groups, and the usual steps you need to take to succeed…but…what is often overlooked and is more important than any of these is building relationships. This means building a strong network of clients and referral partners throughout your area. How do you do this?

Shut up and listen.

Published 07/20/2018

It sounds rude when you say it to someone but I promise that in this case it is good advice. If you follow it you WILL increase your success in sales.

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