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This is the Beacon Payments blog. Learn about the credit card processing and the merchant services industry. Hear about the successes of our outside sales people whose job it is to sell merchant services and sell credit card processing programs.

How much can a merchant surcharge a credit card user?

Published 02/11/2013

Detailed answer to the question: How much can I surcharge a client for runnign a credit card sale in my business?

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Mobile Payments are the future of payments processing

Published 02/07/2013

Genius is a customer facing device which integrates and aggregates all forms of payment into a single touch point. The purpose of the device is to give merchants the flexibility to accept any form of payment, including mobile wallets, as they become available. Through Genius our customers can accept bankcard transactions, NFC enabled mobile payments, QR code mobile payments, EMV transactions and they can even capture signatures electronically.

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Mobile Wallet Acceptance will skyrocket by 2017

Published 02/06/2013

By 2017 it is projected that 86% of all merchants will be able to accept mobile wallet payments. Will you be one of them? Do you know how to accept mobile wallet payments?

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