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This is the Beacon Payments blog. Learn about the credit card processing and the merchant services industry. Hear about the successes of our outside sales people whose job it is to sell merchant services and sell credit card processing programs.

How To Sell Credit Card Processing and Make over $100k A Year

Published 06/21/2012

Our top sales reps make over $100k a year. Below is a brief explanation of how they do it.

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5 Reasons To Sell Credit Card Processing With Beacon Payments

Published 06/20/2012

Here are the top 5 reasons to sell credit card processing.

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Making Extra Money as an Independent Sales Representative

Published 06/18/2012

What really convinced me to sell credit card processing was the possibility of earning residuals and essentially building my own business. Not a day goes by now that I don’t thank myself for taking a risk and trying something new! This year I am going to make more money than most of my friends and if I continue to hit my goals I plan on not needing to work anymore within the next few years!

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